Digitize Real-World Data

Real-world information can be collected with ease. Orbis Communication’s mesh technology enables affordable, efficient, and wireless data collection enabling data-driven decisions for autonomous and manual systems.

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Our Process

Full-service from hardware to mobile interfaces.


Our hardware is designed to be flexible. Clients can deploy our nodes as they are, work with us to tailor the sensors to their specific use case, or leave us to engineer custom hardware from the ground up.


Our software runs on the lightweight OS Apache MyNewt with help from the NimBLE Bluetooth stack to efficiently route data through our mesh networks. An SDK for third-party developers is coming soon.


Our sensor readings are pushed to the cloud and available on our servers in real-time so our clients know exactly what’s happening at every moment.


We build beautiful end-user interfaces complete with cloud analytics and live visualizations. Available on mobile so clients can access and control their data no matter where they are.

How it Works

Our technology utilizes Bluetooth mesh networking. What is mesh? Bluetooth mesh is a networking protocol that allows for data to be relayed by up to thousands of nearby sensors, thus extending the range of the entire network and allowing for wireless, low-power, data collection and transfer in a tiny package.

Watch the video to learn more.

Our Technology

With mesh, Bluetooth devices receive and relay (in effect re-transmit) incoming data. The effect is that nodes work in conjunction with each other. Like a ripple on a pond, messages propagate through the mesh network, each node relaying the data of its neighbors. The result is a vast robust, self-healing network of miniature sensors and/or controllers without any single point of failure.

Where Orbis Networks Could Be Applied

  • Farms
  • Real-Grass Stadiums
  • Municipal Parks
  • Vineyards
  • Golf Courses
Smart cities
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Public Transit Optimization
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Smart Parking
  • Lighting Control
  • Solar Panel Optimization
  • Oil Rig Analysis
  • Nuclear Hazard Monitoring
  • Wind Turbine Optimization
Retail & marketing
  • Location-Based Targeted Advertising
  • Traffic Pattern Analysis
  • Interactive Information Beacons For Sales
  • Live Queue Time Estimates
enterprise & industrial
  • Asset Tracking
  • Cold Storage Monitoring
  • HVAC Automation And Optimization
  • Environmental Safety Systems 

Current Projects

Smart Irrigation

As much as 50% of water is wasted due to overwatering. Not only is this a great economic inefficiency but also an environmental tragedy. Up till now, Smart Irrigation solutions have relied on costly and bulky monitoring systems or unreliable weather forecasting.

With OrbisMesh, hundreds of lightweight wireless nodes can be positioned onsite to provide real time location-specific data including temperature, humidity, and pressure readings.

Smart Cities

As city skylines grow ever taller and house larger than ever percentages of the world’s population, data-driven decisions will be essential in maintaining efficiency and preventing municipal costs from ballooning with population.

OrbisMesh solutions can be applied in a range of scenarios from improving public transit, monitoring public utilities, and automating parks irrigation to decreasing carpark congestion and emissions. With sensors, networks, and public/consumer engagement, the age of Smart Cities has arrived.

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