Internet Of Things

Orbis IoT Solutions provide custom tailored solutions for a wide-variety of IoT applications including agriculture, transportation, logistics, energy management and many more! With 30 billion mobile devices projected by 2020, the IoT market is estimated to reach $7 trillion by 2020 and Orbis is positioning itself to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Orbis serves an array of IoT industries including consumer applications, smart homes, enterprise applications, metropolitan deployments, medical, healthcare, and more!

    Smart Cities

    Cities can be breeding grounds for innovation. Applicable OrbisMesh solutions include smart building HVAC control, smart lighting, smart parking, and smart irrigation. Our goals are to reduce environmental impact, create cost-savings, and increase quality of life. 


    Orbis Energy Solutions provides custom solutions to numerous energy use cases including solar panel, wind turbine, commodity management and tracking, and many other tailored solutions.


    Orbis Blockchain Solutions powers offline transactions for cryptocurrencies and crypto securities. We provide customizable and blockchain-specific solutions for a host of cryptocurrency, cryptosecurity, and blockchain needs.


    Orbis logistics solutions provide custom applications for a wide-variety of logistics and supply chain management use cases including asset tracking, inventory monitoring, freight tracking, warehouse management, and many other verticals. We aim to modernize and automate the 21st century warehouse. 

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