Smart Irrigation

OrbisMesh SMART Irrigation Solutions partners with public and private enterprises across a wide variety of industries including agriculture, government, vineyards, sporting venues and golf courses. 

Our SMART Irrigation Solutions consists of our proprietary Sensor Tags deployed and positioned throughout public parks, gardens, and green space to optimize and regulate water consumption; controllable remotely via mobile devices by public and private maintenance workers.  

With SMART Irrigation, the system optimizes water consumption by irrigating with the proper amounts based on weather conditions and plant needs.  Our SMART Irrigation Sensor Tags provide include temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors. 


OrbisMesh SMART Irrigation Solutions was developed for a wide variety of agriculture and farming solutions, including fruit farms, vegetable farms, almond nut farms, and many other agricultural use cases wanting to realize the massive cost and water savings of our SMART Irrigation System.


OrbisMesh SMART Irrigation Solutions are custom designed for vineyards looking to realize massive cost and water savings. Our SMART Irrigation Solutions accommodate many irrigation systems including drip systems, sprinkler systems, and flood systems, among many others.

Golf Courses

OrbisMesh SMART Irrigation Solutions are perfect for golf course irrigation. Our sensor nodes can be implemented alongside furrow irrigation systems, drip irrigation, flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and many others.

Sporting Venues

Orbismesh SMART Irrigation Solutions can be customized for sporting venues of all sizes. Our solutions can be implemented with existing systems including oscillating and impact sprinklers, boom sprayers, static line and travelling systems, rain guns, self travelling sprinklers, automated pop-up sprinklers, and many other systems.

How OrbisMesh Networking Powers SMART Irrigation Customers?

  • Fruit Farms
  • Vegetable Farms
  • Nut Farms
  • Compatible with most irrigation systems including surface, localized, drip, sprinkler, centerpivot and more
  • Towns
  • Cities
  • Reserves
  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • Compatible with many soil types
  • Customizable hardware for varying soil types
  • Customizable technology for many viticulture solutions
  • Custom soil moisture sensors for advanced viticulture needs
  • Compatible with all green irrigation solutions
  • Central Control Automatic
  • Stand Alone Control Automatic
  • Stand Alone Control Non Automatic
  • Manually Operated Valves
  • Manual Quick Coupler Valves
  • Compatible with most greens and turfs
  • Customizable green and turf solutions
  • Customizable mobile app for unique sensor placement


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