Exciting things are happening at Orbis.

Over the past few months we have been working hard to bring our Bluetooth-based mesh networking platform to fruition. It is with great pleasure that we announce a host of exciting updates on our development.

Where we have been

The Orbis Token Sale closed on March 31, 2018. We blew past our soft cap, and vastly grew our exceptional community of vital contributors.

The Orbis Token Bounty Program has closed, and Bounty allocations have been distributed. We would like to thank each and every participant for their contribution to the development of our project. The Orbis Community is the most important resource we have, and their participation has been vital to our development.

The Orbis Token Airdrop has closed, and Airdrop tokens will be distributed to all participants shortly as we are still working on a stable airdrop distribution script. We are thrilled with the massive influx of participants enthusiastic about our project and its utility.

Where we are going

Orbis for Enterprise

Today, we are excited to announce Orbis for Enterprise, which is designed to bring Orbis Mesh Networking solutions to enterprises and industry. Orbis for Enterprise includes a new site destination and logo tailored for Enterprise and SMART City solutions.

We approach the development of the Orbis Mesh Network in a thoughtful and methodical way. In scaling the network, we will first target Enterprise and SMART City solutions. Once developed, it will provide our infrastructure with a preexisting network to supplement mobile users with when Bluetooth releases its mobile mesh in Q4 this fall.

Orbis for Enterprises will provide a cheap, robust, and rapidly deployable network, which can be customized for municipalities, enterprises, and individuals in a space anticipated to generate over $20 trillion dollars in incremental GDP growth globally over the next decade (ABI Research).


On the platform level we are hard at work preparing our first Industrial App for SMART Parking, laying the foundation for us to pursue the $1.5 trillion SMART City market (Frost & Sullivan), of which we aim to position ourselves at the forefront.

Our flagship ‘Industrial App’ for SMART Parking will leverage Proximity Sensors with the Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Solution. The city of Barcelona, Spain increased parking revenues by $50 million annually by implementing SMART parking technology. We’re excited to develop our own Industrial App for SMART Parking so we can help cities realize the enormous economic benefits of SMART City initiatives.


We also plan to launch Agriculture and Irrigation System Apps utilizing the Orbis Bluetooth Mesh Network that leverage temperature and humidity sensors.

Temperature and rain sensors have been implemented in 60% of Barcelona’s public parks leading to a 25% increase in water conservation. Through the use of this data, city crews know where, when, and how much to water city parks. The potential of this extends to automating the watering process; turning on and off sprinklers based on IoT data. Barcelona estimates that the the city has saved over $58 million on water (Forbes).

Furthermore, we have planned expansions in Supply Chain Management Apps utilizing the Orbis Bluetooth Mesh Network, targeting inventory control, loss control, and supply chain optimization to provide Enterprises with operational efficiencies and revenue increases with regards to vendor relations, forecasting and inventory, connected fleets, and scheduled maintenance. IoT technologies have been estimated to have over a $1.9 trillion dollar impact in the supply chain and logistics sector (DHL & Cisco).

SMART Hardware

Currently, our development team is working on evaluating MCUs (microcontrollers) to support light-weight operating systems of choice that will support sensors with regards to our SMART Parking App, Agriculture and Irrigation System Apps, and Supply Chain Management Apps.

Prototyping and testing shall follow shortly after which our first core ‘Industrial App’ will be released.

In conjunction with our Industrial App (and depending on the evaluation of current capabilities of MCUs) use cases will be delivered in sequence to satisfy the ever-growing IoT market.

Our future growth and public development

Our primary concern at Orbis is the continued development of the Orbis Bluetooth Mesh Network and other core Orbis Platform Apps, which provide utility value and unique opportunities for individuals and enterprises, and as such, we are working to ensure that any exchange listing of the OBT token is fully compliant with all relevant applicable jurisdictions. We are engaged in talks with, and have offers from, numerous exchanges wishing to list the OBT token, and our legal team is preparing the requisite audit and review of these exchanges to ensure that we engage in the best opportunities to grow our community.

What comes next

It is an exciting time for our engineering and development teams as we get closer to achieving the breakthrough archetype based on our core principles as described in our initial White Paper.

We’d like to take a moment and thank our growing community for the ongoing support as we navigate these exciting developments.