Hardware development, proprietary IIoT software development, and exchange listings.

These past two weeks have been exciting. We have advanced our mesh-network and front-end software and hardware, and have announced our first token exchange listing.

On the engineering and development front our team is currently fully engaged in the testing and subsequent development of our first core App. We’re utilizing Nordic Semiconductor’s powerful, highly flexible ultra-low power multi-protocol SoC (aka development kits).

These development kits run on modular, real-time low operating system kernels; in conjunction with the chosen generic sensor nodes, and fit perfectly with numerous Orbis use case scenarios. The open-source design enable various customization possibilities and are aligned with our core principles outlined in our White Paper. Choices for testing and debugging have been made, hardware has been purchased and the software is being tested in the development lab.

Our development kits have passed the initial tests with flying colours and the next steps include the addition of specific sensors which will bring us our first core App. The app will be deliverable based on proximity sensors with real-time use case scenarios developed and delivered to customers and community alike from the ground up.

We are glad to announce that we will be listing the Orbis Token (OBT) on June 6 at 3pm SGT (+8UTC). Users on the Switcheo exchange will be able to exchange OBT instantly with SWH, NEO and GAS. http://switcheo.exchange

Switcheo is the world’s first multi-chain decentralized exchange built on the NEO blockchain. In our Progress Report #2 on May 18 we announced upcoming exchange listings on BitPaction and BiteBTC; however we’ve made the strategic decision to debut our token listing on Switcheo because of their focus on NEP-5 Tokens and their shared passion for the NEO Blockchain.