Hardware development, proprietary IIoT software development, Switcheo exchange listing, and OrbisMesh for Enterprise.

These past two weeks have been great for progress. On June 6th we went live with the listing of the OBT token on Switcheo Exchange, and we saw the OBT Token exchanged over 2 million times in the first 48 hours.

Our initial areas of focus with OrbisMesh are SMART Parking, SMART Irrigation, Warehouse Management and Asset Tracking. The SMART City market is estimated to be a $1.5 trillion dollar opportunity and growing, with the incremental GDP growth from SMART City technology estimated to be $10 trillion dollars over the next decade.

Barcelona serves as a prime example of the revenue and cost savings OrbisMesh can deliver to enterprises and local governments alike. Since implementing its SMART City initiatives Barcelona has seen $50M annually in increased parking revenue and $58 million annually in water savings; all by leveraging the same technology that OrbisMesh is developing.

Our development and engineering team is currently engaged with testing and upgrades around the recently released Apache Mynewt 1.4.0 and Apache NimBLE 1.0.0. We’ve begun the development of the OrbisMesh demo application which includes environmental sensor readings that display the latest Apache Mynewt and Apache Mynewt NimBLE (Bluetooth Stack).

Apache Mynewt is a community-driven module operating system for constrained, embedded applications providing a real-time operating system, flash file system, network stacks, and support utilities for real-world embedded systems.

Recently, Nordic Semiconductors added an alpha version of their mesh app for Android and iOS. This, coupled with the enhanced support provided with the latest release from Apache Mynewt for Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh, has our teams fully engaged in developing and testing the first environmental type of mesh application on our hardware choices (development kits and applicable sensor tags) that have already been purchased, assembled and tested.

On a hiring front, we are currently interviewing for a Sr. Embedded Software Engineer to join our engineering and development team. We’d like to thank the candidates that have applied and invite any interested and qualified readers to apply as well.