Hardware development, proprietary IIoT software development, Bitpaction exchange listing, and OrbisMesh for SMART Irrigation.

Over the past two weeks we here at Orbis have pushed forward our Pilot Demo App at a rapid pace. Our Pilot Demo App will target SMART Irrigation and the massive opportunities local governments have in implementing sensors and systems that monitor water needs and usage.

Our SMART Irrigation Pilot Sensors provide air temperature sensing, air humidity sensing, barometric pressure sensing, and accelerometer sensor readings. With SMART Irrigation, the system optimizes water consumption and irrigation based on weather conditions and specific plant needs; providing monetary and environmental savings on a large scale.

These sensors can be deployed and positioned across parks and gardens enabling — in coordination with existing irrigation systems — the automation of irrigation and water management.

The sensor readings are coded utilizing Apache MyNewt’s latest light-weight OS version release 1.4.0 and NimBLE. NimBLE is Mynewt’s Bluetooth 5 compliant stack version 1.0.0 that utilizes Nordic nRF52 Development Kit Board and open source sensing tags.

One of the initial issues our development team encountered with the Nordic Android app that was used for initial testing (Nordic nRF Mesh App) was that it had some bugs in the provisioning process node.

The Nordic Android app enables us to provision, configure mesh nodes, and browse models, but not much more as it is still in the development phase. In light of these shortcomings we will be developing our own demo app for SMART Irrigation.

Subsequently, we’ve added the Sensor Server Model and are now able now to interact with it inside the app. The ‘Sensor Server Model’ is a Mesh Model Specification from Bluetooth core specifications that introduces a standard way of interacting with sensors through a mesh network. It defines a common set of states, messages, and models that should work for most sensors on the market.

The SMART Irrigation Demo App is our current priority and beyond that our upcoming development milestones are to complete our mobile app interface, add support for more sensors beyond temperature, pressure and humidity (proximity is next for SMART Parking), and enable data uploading to the cloud through both extensive hardware and software modification.

Once the app is finished we will open up our technical forum and GitHub repo(s) to the public; in line with our core principles defined in our White Paper. We encourage participation from the public on GitHub.

We have a SMART City and Enterprise video release scheduled in roughly two weeks, and expect to complete our MVP next week. Once complete, we will be releasing a video demonstration of the MVP.

On June 22nd, 2018 the OBT token went live on the Bitpaction exchange with OBT/BTC and OBT/ETH pairs; adding to our existing Switcheo Exchange listing pairings which features OBT/NEO, OBT/GAS, and OBT/SWTH.

On the hiring front, we are in advanced interview stages with some very qualified candidates for our Sr. Embedded Software Engineer position. Beyond that will be hiring a Systems Administrator to move forward with the cloud computing component of our mesh network. We’d like to thank the candidates that have applied and invite any interested and qualified readers to apply here.