Hardware development, IIoT software development, SMART Irrigation MVP and SMART Irrigation Industrial Production App

Over the past two weeks our development has progressed at a remarkable pace, and we are happy to let you know about some of our most exciting developments here in this Orbis Progress Report.

We’ve completed our SMART Irrigation MVP App and are making rapid advancements towards the completion of our SMART Irrigation Industrial Production App.

Our current SMART Irrigation MVP App serve two primary purposes. The first is discovering devices and provisioning them in a Bluetooth mesh network. The second is providing sensor readings for temperature, pressure, and humidity. Currently, we are at a point where our hardware can communicate via mesh and display that data on a phone.

The next steps on the road to completing our SMART Irrigation Industrial Production App involve incorporating soil moisture sensor readings into the sensor nodes. Beyond that, we’ll be automating the irrigation process so the system operates based on predetermined specifications.

We have a SMART City and Enterprise video release that we expect to go live next week, and we also have a new website currently being developed which focuses on our customized solutions for Enterprise and SMART Cities.

On the hiring front, we are excited to announce we are onboarding a Sr. Embedded Software Engineer. We would like to thank all applicants who applied for the position and we were thrilled with the volume and quality of candidates who applied.

We are currently hiring a Systems Administrator to move forward with the cloud computing component of our mesh network. We’d like to thank the candidates that have applied and invite any interested and qualified readers to apply here.