SMART Irrigation Industrial Production App, SMART City Concept Video Release, Website Redesign, Agriculture Pilot Project Prospecting

These past two weeks have seen us push forward with the completion of our SMART Irrigation Industrial Production App; in conjunction with a total marketing overhaul in line with our focus on SMART City solutions.

We’ve completed the functional and development components of our SMART Irrigation Industrial Production App, which include readings for temperature, pressure, and humidity sensing. We’re in the process of updating the UI/UX and we are thrilled with the progress our team has shown thus far.


SMART Irrigation Industrial Production UI/UX

On the marketing front we are happy to announce the launch of our Orbis Enterprise and Civil Networking Solutions, outlining our SMART City applications and use cases with a top-level vision of our technology and the massive market opportunity.

We have a full website redesign that we expect to have launched by our next bi-weekly update on August 10, 2018. The website redesign focuses on SMART City solutions and the initial use cases we are targeting for SMART Irrigation that include agriculture, government, vineyards, sporting venues and golf courses.

On the hardware front our sensor nodes are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and compact; enabling us to deploy and position our nodes in wide-variety of irrigation scenarios including oscillating and impact sprinklers, boom sprayers, static line and travelling systems, rain guns, self-travelling sprinklers, automated pop-up sprinklers, drip systems, flood systems, furrow systems, and many others.

On the business development front we have our heads down building a massive database of agriculture, vineyards, government, golf courses, and sporting venues as we build out our sales strategy in conjunction with our pilot launch in each relevant vertical.

We are engaged in preliminary discussions with farms in Abbotsford, British Columbia to begin pilot tests of our sensor nodes and mobile app.

We are also engaged in preliminary discussions with CTI Africa and the MPWR program. CTI Africa gathers data (identity, financial, medical etc) in African villages for governments and international organizations. Our goal with CTI Africa is to provide a village-wide mobile mesh network as well as data collection nodes. Formal Partnership announcements are coming soon.