Smart Cities

1.3M people are moving into cities each week.

China alone will have 221 cities with more than 1M people by 2025.

The top 600 urban metropolises generate 60% of the worlds GDP.

Cities today consume 78% of the worlds energy.

All these facts drive the need for safer, more efficient cities. How can we achieve this? By collecting and sharing real-time data in order to make informed decisions.

Smart Irrigation

  • SMART Irrigation Sensors provide temperature, humidity, pressure sensing readings
  • The system optimizes water consumption by irrigating with the proper amounts based on weather conditions, plant needs and consequently provide energy and money savings on a large scale.
  • Sensors are deployed and positioned across parks and gardens and enable the remote control of the irrigation system to facilitate the management of the water network.

Smart Parking

  • Consumer-level app or API displaying live parking availability
  • Reduced emissions resulting from idling
  • Reduced traffic congestion with less cars seeking parking
  • Automated ticketing, payment, and tracking

Smart Lighting

  • Intelligent street and road lighting
  • Serves as a backbone network for following IoT applications
  • Increased public safety
  • Reduced environmental impact

Systems Monitoring

  • Leak detection on water systems
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and air quality monitoring
  • Monitor and assess wildfire risk and activity
  • Remote climate monitoring

Custom Solutions

  • We’re always on the lookout for new applications for our technology
  • We can modify our existing sensor readings, or add new sensors to our existing technology, expanding the scale and scope of our solutions
  • Feel free to contact us regarding custom solutions for our technology and we’ll get back with a free consultation and potential proposals from our engineering team.


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