Orbis Smart Irrigation Solutions is moving forward at a rapid pace; so we thought we would share our thoughts on the current irrigation industry and why we are so excited to be solving one of the largest problems our planet is facing.

Efficient irrigation systems have never been as important as they are in today’s global landscape.  Current irrigation practises are not only wasteful economically, but also responsible for many of the world’s water shortages.


The majority of the world’s freshwater is consumed by farms, and therefore an important avenue for reducing unnecessary water consumption around the world.  There are over 525 million farms globally and 70 percent of all the world’s freshwater withdrawals go towards farm irrigation. In total, 40% of the worlds food supply is currently irrigated in artificially irrigated environments.

These figures illustrate a phenomenal opportunity.  Our Orbis Smart Irrigation Solution streamlines and simplifies the irrigation process on a wide-variety of agricultural use cases; leading to less water usage and more efficient water consumption by farms.

Orbis Smart Irrigation Solutions offers a comprehensive and customized solution for farms and other agricultural use cases wanting to reduce water consumption and direct water usage in a more efficient manner; eliminating unnecessary water consumption.

Orbis Smart Irrigation Solutions achieves this with our proprietary sensor nodes and mobile app.

Our Sensors are durable, lightweight, waterproof and compact; with a range of 20-40 meters depending on the environment. They are built for the most complex soil variation scenarios and environments.

Our process starts with an onsite visit from one our engineers, where we assess the environment and soils while learning about the farms current and past irrigation.

From there, we position our sensors and get an understanding of the range our sensors will achieve given the specific environment.

Our sensors are typically set up in a grid formation between 20-40 meters apart, depending on the environment.

Our mobile app provides a comprehensive overview with detailed readings of each individual sensor so farmers can hone in on the micro-environment of each sensor.  

Farmers can click each Sensor Icon on our App to see temperature, humidity, and pressure readings; updated continuously every 30 seconds.

Once our sensor nodes are installed and farmers are set up with our mobile app, we provide ongoing support done via remote correspondence, on-site visits and maintenance, and data aggregation for continuous efficiency improvements.

Our Smart Irrigation Solution can be implemented alongside existing irrigation systems of all types, and we take a thoughtful and tailored approach to each farm we partner with.

To learn more about our Orbis Smart Irrigation Solution please contact us for a free consultation.